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4. Middle Common Room Information

The term ‘Middle Common Room (MCR)’ refers to both a physical room (in 87 Banbury) and the postgraduate student body at St Hugh’s (who hang out in that physical room). We warmly welcome you to both.

Whatever you study, wherever you come from, whoever you are, you will find a place here amongst us. Whether you chose Hugh’s – or Hugh’s chose you – we congratulate you on your place in one of Oxford’s friendliest colleges, which was founded on a platform of social justice – and where you’re actually allowed to walk on the grass.

To help ensure your relocation to Oxford goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together an MCR Freshers Handbook 2023 which contains all the things we wish we’d known – and links to WhatsApp and Facebook groups to connect you with new and returning students. If you do nothing else, join these groups!

You will receive more information via WhatsApp/Facebook/email on a roster of events we’re putting on for you during Freshers Week (Oct 1-7), also known as Noughth Week or Week 0, designed to acquaint you with the College and some of Oxford’s many eccentricities.

We hope to make your introduction to St Hugh’s, Oxford, and for many of you the UK, not only fun but hug(hs)ely enjoyable!

More on the St Hugh’s MCR.