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8 March 2015

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Dr Claudia Schrag Sternberg publishes new book on the Euro

European Bank

Dr Claudia Schrag Sternberg, Career Development Fellow in Politics, has published a new book on the Euro with research economist, Eric Monnet. The edited volume with Presses Universitaires de France is entitled Euro, les années critiques (Euro: the critical years).

The last five years have shaken the European Union to the core. Having once embodied the promise of prosperity and peace in Europe, the EU and more particularly the Euro has come to represent the very contrary: a threat to the financial and economic wellbeing of the European citizens and member states. This volume brings together economists, historians, and political scientists to ask how this could happen, and what effects it has had on the ways in which we experience Europe and the Euro today, as well as on the future of the European project. It also offers a first analysis of the numerous institutional reforms and policy responses at the European level since the public debt crisis of 2010.

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