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Dr Tom Fanshawe

Senior Statistician & Lecturer

Research & Teaching:

My current research is based on the development and application of statistical methods to studies in primary care and biomedical science more generally. Areas of methodological interest include diagnostic, prognostic and risk prediction modelling, and meta-analysis methods. I have previously worked on studies in a diverse range of application areas, including primary care, psychology, psychiatry, radiology, gastrointestinal disease, smoking cessation, mental health and environmental epidemiology.  Among ongoing projects, I provide statistical support and collaborate on projects with the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group, the NIHR Community Healthcare MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative, and the Oxford Forensic Psychiatry Risk (OxRisk) programme.

My teaching includes coordinating the First BM Part I/II Medical Statistics module, tutoring for the PPL/Experimental Psychology Prelims module Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics, and lecturing on several modules in the MSc in Evidence Based Health Care and EBHC Medical Statistics.


I completed an MA in Mathematics and an MPhil in Statistical Science at the University of Cambridge I worked at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care between 2003 and 2006 as a medical statistician. I completed a PhD in Statistics at Lancaster University and was a lecturer in Medical Statistics at Lancaster Medical School between 2009 and 2013, when I moved to Oxford in my current role as a medical statistician in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.

Selected publications:

Fanshawe TR, Power M, Graziadio S, Ordóñez-Mena JM, Simpson J, Allen J. Interactive visualisation for interpreting diagnostic test accuracy study results. BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine 2018; 23:13-16.

Fanshawe TR, Shaw L, Spence GT. A large-scale assessment of temporal trends in meta-analyses using systematic review reports from the Cochrane Library. Research Synthesis Methods 2017; 8: 404-415.

Ordóñez-Mena JM, McCarthy ND, Fanshawe TR. Comparative efficacy of drugs for treating giardiasis: a systematic update of the literature and network meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2018; 73(3): 596-606.

Fanshawe TR, Halliwell W, Lindson N, Aveyard P, Livingstone-Banks J, Hartmann-Boyce J. Tobacco cessation interventions for young people (Cochrane Review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017, Issue 11. Art No.: CD003289. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003289.pub6.

Shinkins B, Yang Y, Abel L, Fanshawe TR. Evidence synthesis to inform model-based cost-effectiveness evaluations: a methodological systematic review of Health Technology Assessments. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017; 17:56.

Fazel S, Wolf A, Lichtenstein P, Larsson H, Mallett S, Fanshawe TR. Identifying low risk of violent crime in severe mental illness: a clinical prediction rule (OxMIV). Lancet Psychiatry 2017: 4(6):461-468.

Spence GT, Steinsaltz D, Fanshawe TR. A Bayesian approach to sequential meta-analysis. Statistics in Medicine 2016; 35: 5356-5375.

Fanshawe TR, Chapman CM, Crick T. Lymphangiogenesis and carcinoma in the uterine cervix: joint and hierarchical models for cluster sizes and continuous outcomes. Annals of Applied Statistics 2015; 9(4): 1932-1949.

Fanshawe TR. An empirical investigation into the role of subjective prior probability in searching for potentially missing items. Royal Society Open Science 2015; 2: 150100.

Senior Statistician & Lecturer
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