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It is your responsibility to ensure that you are entered for the correct examinations by the necessary deadlines. You will receive an official email from the University explaining the examination entry process, which you must read carefully. The appropriate forms should be submitted promptly; failure to submit before the deadline will incur a fee. It is imperative that you check the examinations you have been entered for very carefully, as errors are extremely hard to correct and may delay examination results or even necessitate ‘resits’. You must also ensure that you are familiar with the University Examination Regulations for your course.

Please note that the University has a clear policy on plagiarism, which can be found in the University’s Student Handbook. Every student should read this at an early stage in their studies. The College takes a serious view of plagiarism and there may be severe consequences if you are discovered to have misappropriated someone else’s work. More information about this may be found in the College’s Academic Standards Policy.