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Tutorial System

Most undergraduates receive the bulk of their teaching through tutorials – these are usually hour-long sessions in which small groups of students are taught by one of the tutors in College. Tutorials are arranged by your Academic Tutors and attendance is compulsory. If you are unable to attend (for example, because of illness), you should make every effort to contact the tutor in advance. Good preparation for tutorials is essential and work produced should always aim to be of the best possible standard. Tutors are not expected to re-arrange missed tutorials without good reason.

Undergraduates will also attend lectures, seminars, classes, or laboratory sessions arranged by their University Department, according to their course requirements. Some of these, like tutorials, are compulsory. Others are optional, but you are strongly encouraged to make the most of all lectures and teaching opportunities arranged by the University.

Please note that tutors will usually set work to be completed during the vacation period as well, in readiness for the following academic term. Vacation work may be tested in the form of a Collection (an internal College examination).