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5 February 2021

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Understanding Authenticity in China’s Cultural Heritage

Dr Anke Hein, the Peter Moores Associate Professor in Chinese Archaeology, and Fellow of St Hugh’s College, is organising an online conference entitled, ‘Understanding Authenticity in China’s Cultural Heritage’. The conference, co-organised with Dr Christopher Foster, will explore debates about the ownership of the past, representation, and authenticity.

“From contesting narratives about the mother trees of Big Red Robe tea, to the restoration of Qin terracotta soldiers; from the experience of visiting a replica Eiffel Tower in Hangzhou, to US-China diplomatic tensions over ‘originality’ and ‘shanzhai 山寨 (imitation)’ – ‘Understanding Authenticity in China’s Cultural Heritage’ brings together specialists from a broad range of fields and backgrounds, to explore how questions about “authenticity” impact their work on objects, texts, and intangible cultural heritage in China.”

The conference will take place on 16-20 March 2021, and is free to attend and open to all. If you are interested please register here, where you will be invited to submit a short survey. Full details about the conference can be found here.

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