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18 July 2016

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Translating Big Data – Alumna Joyeeta Das

Big Data visualised in 3D images - Gyana co-founder & alumna, Joyeeta Das (MBA 2015)

The work of Alumna Joyeeta Das’ (St Hugh’s 2014) company Gyana has caught the attention of the Financial Times.

Former St Hugh’s College Graduate student, Joyeeta Das has been interviewed about her start-up business by the Financial Times‘ Jonathan Moules. Gyana works on translating big data into more readily understood 3D images that can be utilised by a wide range of clients, from NASA to individual members of the general public.  She co-founded the company whilst an MBA student at the Saïd Business School with other members of the University of Oxford.

Gyana is able to showcase data with a more human angle to it. It makes use of satellite technology but accounts for intangible parameters like emotions, air quality, fitness quotient of neighbourhoods, public events distribution and other data sets that are hard to obtain. By cross-referencing social media activity at a particular location with satellite imagery, for example, they can determine emotional responses to events.

To give an example, the information they released about “Brexit” attracted thousands of visitors in a matter of hours because they were able to mix up data and emotions to paint a broader picture, giving a more in depth analysis whilst helping to make it come alive.

They then combine this with demographics, traffic, weather and many other kinds of data to showcase macro trends. It is produced in a “game changing” 3d imaging visualisation technique. She believes that the technique the company has developed has significant potential for market growth and a broad range of potential uses. They are currently targeting their technique to companies such as estate agencies and property developers who could, for instance, utilise location based information about the proximity of a park on people’s mood, health and fitness.

If you would like to find out more about the company and the methods they are applying, you can visit their website through the link here: and you can also contact for any queries.

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