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St Hugh’s has a long tradition in Physics and usually takes around six undergraduates each year.

Applications are equally welcome for either the three-year (BA) or the four-year (MPhys or MPhysPhil) courses. Candidates should be expecting to obtain A grades at A-level in both Physics and Mathematics, or the equivalent under another examination system. Additional A or AS levels (or equivalent) may be in any subject: although students with double Mathematics A-levels are at some advantage in the first year, we find that students with a single Mathematics A-level quickly make up the difference.

The basic Physics course covers all aspects of essential experimental and theoretical physics. Undergraduates attend university lectures and laboratory classes, and have tutorials (or attend problem classes) given by the St Hugh’s tutors, or by tutors from other colleges. It is usual for an undergraduate to be taught by at least one of the Tutorial Fellows each term, except in the final year of the MPhys course when teaching is departmentally based. This ensures that a close contact is maintained, so that undergraduates can rely on continuing help and advice.

Course Information



Entrance requirements

A*AA (with the A* in Physics, Maths or Further Maths)

Subject requirements
  • Physics and Maths
  • Maths Mechanics modules
  • Further Maths
Course Duration
  • 4 years (MPhys)
  • 3 years (BA)