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Mathematics, Computer Sciences & Joint Schools

Mathematics, Computer Science and Joint Schools form a strong component within the College and makes a substantial contribution to the Mathematical Institute, Department of Statistics and Department of Computer Science.

We aim to take 12 to 15 students in total a year in Maths, the three joint courses (Mathematics and Computer Science, Philosophy or Statistics) and Computer Science. The college has an active Mathematics society, and an excellent Mathematics collection in the library.

We aim to admit students that have the greatest potential, regardless of their backgrounds. Many students applying for Mathematics and the joint schools have double Mathematics at A-level, but every year we take some applicants who have either single A-level, or a single A-level and AS-level in further Mathematics. We also welcome those with other types of qualification, including the IB and Scottish Highers. We are looking for ability, enthusiasm and determination. A good number of our students proceed to take higher research degrees.