We offer a range of high-quality, good-value food (including vegetarian options) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals are available seven days a week during term-time (except for weekends, when only brunch is served). Our easy-to-use cashless card system means you only pay for the meals you eat. For those who want to cook their own food, there are also kitchens around College.

Due to social distancing in the Dining Hall seats are limited so are operating the booking system on a first come, first booked basis. Please remember to wear your face mask/face coverings and only remove this whilst at the table eating.  Please follow all signs and instructions and remember to use the hand sanitisers as you enter and leave the Hall.

Ordering must be done in advance of the dining or collection slot  – the deadline for every meal is 12 noon the day before (e.g. you must book before 12 noon on the Sunday for any meal on a Monday).

How to Book:

You must use the Upay Events System: www.upay.co.uk (or you can download the Upay app) to book your meal.


If you no longer need your booking slot, it is crucial that you cancel your booking in time to avoid taking up seats from others.

Dining Hall Hours

Breakfast (Monday-Friday). Available in two sittings.

8-8:30am; 9-9:30am

Brunch (Weekend Only). Available in 4 sittings.

10.30am-10.30am; 11-11:30am; 12-12:30pm; 1-1:30pm

Lunch (Monday-Friday). Available in 2 sittings, plus take-away only 11.30am-12.15pm.

12.15pm-12.45pm; 1.15-1:45pm

Dinner (Monday-Friday). Available in 2 sittings, plus take-away only 5-6pm.




Elizabeth Wordsworth Tea Room

The Elizabeth Wordsworth Tea Room in the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building is now open for take-away service with a limited amount of seating available on the Dickson Poon Building patio, and you are welcome to use this seating within your household/bubbles or individually, respecting social distancing rules. The Tea Room will be open from Monday-Friday, 12.30-19.00, with a variety of food available including vegan and vegetarian. A sample menu can be found here.

Ordering must be done in advance of the collection slot, using the Order Ahead system from Upay. To log onto the ordering system, simply download the Upay app or visit the website here. If you don’t already have a Upay account, you will need to register for one. As well as entering your St Hugh’s email address and creating a password to register,  you will need to know the affiliate ID which is 34 and the user ID is your Single Sign-on (SSO). Payment is made at the time of ordering and you can pay with your Bod Card or a debit/credit card.

The Cashless Card System

The College operates a cashless card system for all dining hall transactions. CASH will not be accepted in the dining hall. To purchase your food and drink from the hall you will need your University Card (Bodleian Card) which acts like a debit card within College, and money must be credited to the card prior to use.

A £10 token will be automatically added to your card by the College, which will be invoiced to you with your deposits. Payment of this will be expected before or on arrival, or via direct debit if this is in place. This token is non-refundable and will remain on your card until it has been spent.

Additional “Top-ups” should be done online via the website https://www.upay.co.uk/.

 This site enables you to see your usage history, check your balance and add money to your card. You can also set up an automated top-up system for when your balance drops below a certain amount.

To register you will need to log onto the above website, click ‘Create New Account,’ then follow the online instructions.

The company ID: 34

User ID: Single Sign On login (e.g. SHUG1234).

Until you set up your account with UPAY, you will be able to top up in the finance office Monday – Friday 8.30am-4.30pm; however you are encouraged to set up your UPAY account as soon as possible. Payment is accepted by credit/debit card or cash.

The card does not have an overdraft facility so it is important that you know the balance prior to purchasing food. As stated previously, you can find out your balance online, or at any till in the hall. If you do go over your balance there is a surcharge of £5, so please make sure you check your account before using your card.

Weekly Hall Menus