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6 October 2022

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Student Stories: Exploring clubs and societies by St Hugh’s student Molayo Ogunde


Hi, I’m Molayo and I am a 3rd year Human Scientist at St Hugh’s College and I’m from Orpington, a town on the outskirts of London. So far, my experience of Oxford has consisted largely of people asking me: “What is Human Sciences?”. To quickly answer that, Human Sciences is a holistic view of humans, from both a biological and social aspect.

The journey so far

My time at Oxford so far has been surprisingly good, considering I started in 2020. Initially, rules during the pandemic meant that socialising at the start of university was weird, but I was fortunate enough to be able to make good friends, despite catching Covid in my second week, which was not much fun. Getting through this time was definitely aided by the great friends I had around me and support from my church in Oxford.

My Oxford experience

Outside of my studies, I have done a few things. I have been part of the American Football team (Oxford University Lancers), in which I was able to learn and compete in a sport I had never played prior to university. I was encouraged to join by a friend from school, whom I am very much thankful for, and started attending online sessions whilst at home during Hilary term of my first year. Similarly, I have been involved with Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (OICCU) and been able to make friends across the University, as well as going on several fun trips, which I wouldn’t have imagined prior to starting university. I wasn’t so sure how involved I’d get in the Christian Union when I started university, but it provided a strong community with the biweekly meetings and games we’d have during the lockdown in Hilary 2022.

I’ve also tried out student journalism with The Oxford Blue, which was an interesting insight into the life a journalist, and even spent time on the College committee which was fun. That being said, being a Freshers’ Rep meant that Freshers Week 2021 was one of the craziest I’ve ever had, but it was a great way to be able to meet and support the freshers that year. St Hugh’s has a great range of college societies which are fun and more relaxed than at a university level.  I’ve also been part of the football and ultimate frisbee groups at Hugh’s! On top of that, I’ve been able to be involved in access events at St Hugh’s: the African and Caribbean Society (ACS) and Target Oxbridge; as well as helping with school visits, which I have really enjoyed.

Getting involved in all these different societies has enhanced my university experience massively. Having a regular physical activity and a community to do that with is massively important for one’s physical and mental health, and the opportunity to explore my interests, like journalism, is one I massively appreciate. OICCU has also helped me to grow in my faith, and expanded my horizons on what it means to be a Christian!

Advice to my younger self

My advice to my younger self starting at Oxford would be to get stuck in and try new things, but don’t feel the need to do everything at once. Oxford is busy and degrees are challenging in themselves, so don’t fall into the trap of trying to collect extra-curricular achievements like Thanos collecting infinity stones.

Looking to the future

In terms of the future, I look forward to my spending more time with my friends in my final year and seeing out my role within the Christian Union with our upcoming Events Week. Last summer, I was able to do an internship in Strategy Consulting, something I had never heard of before starting at university. I was fortunate enough to get an offer to return so I look forward to starting that after my studies!

If you are interested in getting involved with the extra-curriculars I mentioned there are multiple ways to do so! Look for the various groups on Facebook or Google, or visit their stalls at the Freshers Fair. Additionally, the Christian Union (OICCU) is running a freshers’ banquet for all freshers, regardless of beliefs, on both Friday and Saturday of Freshers week, so visit the_oiccu on Instagram for more!

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