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Message from the Bursar

The safety and welfare of our staff, students and the wider community are at the forefront of all of our plans and any measures that we put in place reflect this primary concern while also ensuring that we have as full an offering to our students as we are able. Overall the measures we have put in place rely on four simple strategies which are designed to reduce the risk of transmission and limit any future spread of Covid-19;

  1. Enhanced hygiene; regular hand washing and increased cleaning around College
  2. Accommodation based around households; in which students are free to socialise as if they were part of a shared house, i.e. no social distancing or face coverings required
  3. Observing social distancing; outside households, we will observe 2m social distancing and where this is not possible we will adhere to 1m+ with enhanced measures to reduce the risks
  4. Face coverings; these will be worn in indoor spaces, except when eating or for those who have legitimate reasons for being an exception

For these to be effective we are reliant on the whole St Hugh’s community following the measures and guidance issued by the College. While we understand that these measures will have a significant impact on students and staff, we hope that everybody will understand the need to be responsible and to adhere to the changes we are looking to implement. We will also all need to be respectful of other people who may have different risks as well as a different perception of risk to your own.

Throughout term we will be proactively engaging with staff and students to make sure that everyone understands and commits to the approach we are taking. Rather than setting up an enforcement culture, we will be relying on a community consensus around responsible and considerate behaviour to help ensure these plans are effective in keeping the College safe and functioning.

Harry Myring, Bursar
January 2021

Teaching arrangements

From 17th May, Universities are permitted to resume in-person teaching across all subjects. Whether tutors decide to teach in-person will depend on a number of factors, including the number of students obliged to continue learning remotely, and the practicalities of arranging Covid-safe teaching. To reduce the number of ‘close contacts’ in the event of a positive test, teaching rooms are set up to enable social-distancing, and face-coverings should be worn inside College building. Outdoor areas are also available for teaching and meetings.

May 2021

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