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Life in College

This page is being updated, please check your emails and this page regularly
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Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Gym is closed until further notice.

Households and accommodation

All of our on-site accommodation is divided into ‘households’ ranging in size from 3-12 students. The purpose and advantage of the household system is that it enables students within the same household to socialise and interact without face coverings or social distancing restrictions.
Households will be required not to visit other households and social distancing measures will apply when interacting with anyone outside your household. Households will be arranged around separate shared facilities (kitchens and bathrooms) and will be clearly marked and communicated to ensure staff and students are aware when they are entering a household.


Enhanced hygiene will be key to preventing the transmission of Covid-19. We will be implementing increased cleaning in shared spaces (focussing on those areas that are frequently touched) and will be providing cleaning products to ensure that all teaching, meeting and other common spaces can be cleaned before and after use. Hand sanitiser will be provided at all entrances and exits and we will adopt cleaning protocols for the housekeeping teams that adhere to the current advice including the following principles;

  • All rooms must be well ventilated, windows open where possible while in use
  • A suitable ‘buffer slot’ between booked tutorials or meetings to allow participants to clean the space (desks, chair arms, etc), and also to prevent overlap of student groups arriving and leaving
  • Scouts will not enter student bedrooms to empty bins or do a weekly clean. Kitchens and communal bathrooms will be cleaned daily as normal (except when a household is self-isolating)
  • Households will be told at what time they can expect Housekeeping to be present
Eating in Hall

As a result of the new lockdown restrictions all catering in College is take-away only and you will not be able to eat any meals in the Dining Hall until further notice. Hall menus and collection times for each meal and day, including weekends, can be found towards the bottom of this page under ‘Weekly Hall Menus’.

Ordering must be done in advance of the collection slot – the deadlines for booking and for cancellations are: 7am on the day for Breakfast (M-F), 10am on the day for Lunch and for Dinner (M-F) and 9am on weekends for Lunch.

If you no longer need your booking slot, it is crucial that you cancel your booking as soon as possible, and before those deadlines.

Please remember to wear your face mask/face coverings when in the Dining Hall.  Please follow all signs and instructions and remember to use the hand sanitisers as you enter and leave the Hall.

How to Book Dining Hall meals:

You must use the Upay Events (or you can download the Upay app) to book your meal.

Using the Upay Events System

For the Events system, you will need to register for Upay if you haven’t already. The affiliate ID is 34, and the user ID is your Single Sign-On (SSO) (e.g. shug1234). Please register with your e-mail address if you have one.  If you have any difficulties in registering or using the Upay system please contact the College’s ICT Team on

Once registered and logged in, click on the menu icon.

You can then select the relevant event and date and time for that event.  Once you are registered, we hope this system will be quick and easy to use.

Payment is made in the usual way for all Dining Hall meals, with your Bod Card (please make sure it is topped up beforehand!), when you arrive for your meal.


If you decide to cancel any booked events before they are scheduled to happen, then:

Log into Upay

Choose Menu -> Events

Click View Booked Events

Then choose the relevant booking and click Cancel.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your meal is booked (or cancelled) – please look out for this message to check that you have booked/cancelled successfully.

More information about College food, topping up your Bod card and the menu can be found on the website at

Social life

We are actively reviewing the use of internal social spaces. It is expected that these will be bookable and operating on a household basis. These will, however, not be used as spaces in which members of different households can socialise as this would greatly increase the risk of infection and lead to larger groups being identified and required to self-isolate in any positive Covid-19 case scenario. Any users will be expected to clean down facilities before and after use.

Wordsworth Tea Room

The Wordsworth Tea Room is closed.


The Library in Hilary Term

Please find below details of services the Library can offer to support you during this term whether you are in College or studying at home.

Current Library loans

All loans have been extended until Wednesday 10 March (8th week). If you have any issues with your library account, please email

Library opening time

The Library will remain open 24/7 with closure time for cleaning:

Monday to Friday 7-9am and 1.30-2.30pm

Weekends 7.30am-9:30am and 1.30-2.30pm

The Library is not open to external readers.

Students living in college can enter the Library using their university card. Covid measures remain in force and we ask everyone to wear masks (unless exempt), and maintain social distancing at all times, as well as follow cleaning protocols when using library desks and equipment.  It is important that library rules are strictly followed in order to keep everyone safe and violation of any of these rules will result in the withdrawal of 24 hour opening.

Individual study spaces in the library are limited to 11 individual desks dispersed around the following reading rooms: Fulford room (3 seats), East room (2 seats), Upper Reading Room (3 seats), and Law Library (3 seats). Most study desks can easily be located when you enter these reading rooms.  There are no seat reservations; however, we ask you to use a desk up to a maximum of 3 hours. Windows should remain open at all times for ventilation.

Book requests for students

Book requests can be made using the library book suggestion form or via email:

We will try to accommodate any relevant suggestions as soon as we can. We will look at ordering e-books for wider access when possible, as well as additional copies of core texts.

Postal loans

For students who haven’t returned to College, we can post books from the existing collection and also order new books to be delivered directly to your house.


The library provides a scanning service in accordance with copyright rules. Scans from the Library collection can be emailed to students.  Individual requests are subject to fewer restrictions than a texts that are to be used for teaching.

Fetching and delivering of books

For students in Oxford who are unable or don’t want to use the Library, we can fetch items, check them out to your library account and deliver to your pigeonhole or send to your address if you live outside College.  

Students in self-isolation can email the Library and we will deliver books to your household or private accommodation.

SOLO and E-resources

Use SOLO to search for physical items, e-books, and electronic resources across the University’s libraries.  Over 1 million e-books are available for you to access and additional e-resources are added regularly by the Bodleian:

The library team is here to assist and advice about access to electronic resources and any queries should be sent via email to

Post and parcels

There will be a set time for students to come to the Lodge to collect mail and parcels which will be between 5pm and 8pm Mon-Fri and between 12pm to 5pm Sat & Sun.

Students may need to socially distance while outside the Lodge as a one way system will be in operation.

Moving around the College site

Outside of student households, 2m social distancing will be observed across all parts of the College site (1m plus will apply only when 2m is not possible and when other measures are in place).

We will be operating one-way, give-way or keep left systems in areas of high pedestrian traffic and where corridors are narrow. This will reduce the number of close proximity interactions between individuals. Signage will be in use where necessary but we will try to keep this to a minimum.

We will only be using extra measures where necessary (for example in the Lodge, kitchen serveries and for eating arrangements) as other measures around College, i.e. face coverings, enhanced hygiene through hand washing and hand sanitising at all entrances/exits to buildings and social distancing will be sufficient in most instances.

IT Services

The IT office will be primarily offering remote support where this is at all possible.

The office is not open for drop-in support, so please don’t attempt to visit the office unless you have an appointment booked.

Please see our updated pages which have a range of information and guides, including how to contact us if required.

Laundry Rooms

There are four laundry rooms on site;

  1. Maplethorpe Building (basement) – open 24 hours per day with a one in one out system unless laundry users are from the same household.
  2. Kenyon Building (lower ground floor) – open 24 hours per day with a one in one out system unless laundry users are from the same household.
  3. 13, Canterbury Road (ground floor) – open 9am to 9pm with a one in one out system unless laundry users are from the same household.
  4. 87, Banbury Road (ground floor) – open 24 hours per day with a one in one out system unless laundry users are from the same household.
  • Please do not enter the laundry room if it is not possible to maintain social distancing.
  • You must wash, dry or hang up and collect your belongings as soon as the machine cycle has finished or they are ready for collection.
  • Items remaining in the drying room for more than 2 days will be bagged and placed elsewhere for disposal.
  • Use the disinfectant spray provided to sanitize any area that you have touched.
  • For your own safety, the College advises you to purchase your own foldable laundry basket and keep it inside your room.
  • If you use a College basket, please sanitise it before and after use.

In the event of a household entering isolation in the immediate vicinity of a laundry, the laundry closest to the household in isolation may be subject to temporary closure.

Clubs & Societies

All sports captains and anyone looking to run an event should ensure they have taken all appropriate action to conduct the activity in a Covid-19 safe way, adhering to all current guidance. The University has a wealth of information available and has a page of FAQ’s that they are keeping up to date. Please click here to access this page. Included on that page is information on Clubs and Societies with some useful links.

Clubs and societies
I am running an event or conference. What should I do?
We are encouraging clubs and societies to continue with their activities. Decisions about whether to host events online or in-person should be based on local health advice. A new set of COVID-aware risk assessment sheets is now available for different types of in-person student events, clubs, and societies – please click here for details. Oxford SU has also published some tips and tricks for student events which you may find useful – please click here for details.

Specifically for sports and exercise the advice and guidance is as follows and this will apply to all sports undertaken through College clubs. Can all College sports captains please ensure they take responsibility and follow the guidance below:

This applies to all sports and exercise events, whether college clubs, recognised university clubs, non-recognised university clubs, or ad hoc sports events (or movement activities such as treasure hunts) held by non-sports clubs. Organisers should consider training safety separately from competition safety. Sports socials will need to follow separate guidance.
Detailed governmental guidance about grassroots sport is available by clicking here.

As with performing arts, government guidance is strict and must be obeyed. Where possible, abide by the sport’s national governing body latest advice, which will be available on the relevant national body’s websites. No sports or exercise activities should be undertaken if they cannot adhere to the current national social distancing guidelines, and if indoors, the current rules on maximum occupancy of 1 person per 100 square feet with fresh air ventilation (No indoor sport without fresh air ventilation).
Organisers of recognised university sports clubs should consult the Oxford University Sports Centre and should already have revised their risk assessments for sports activities in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. For everyone else, the risk assessment found here will need to be completed and returned to the Bursar for sign-off and this covers all sports activities, including sports days run by colleges and yoga/zumba etc sessions run within colleges or non-university clubs.
If you have any questions then please do contact either the Bursar or Sports Fellow.